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Jacuzzi Puma is an experienced and powerful six-piece Twin Cities based band that plays a bunch of songs you didn't know you loved.  Generally rooted in classic rock, Jacuzzi Puma can and will touch just about every other genre available during a set and at some point you, the listener, will ask yourself, "Is there's anything they won't play?" Our song list is vast and sporadic, but in the end we will keep you listening, dancing, singing along or hopefully all three at the same time!  Jump in...the water is nice and warm. Hitting the stage Friday, June 9 @ 7 pm. 

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Show Me Your Hits derives from a group of musicians from the local Minneapolis Metal Scene. After years of touring and performing, ideas of longevity began to change. They met one night at a local MPLS bar and created a cover band idea that appeased their millennial peers and provided songs that their parents could tolerate….and Show Me Your Hits was born. A wide range of song ideas and over just a quick period of time a massive catalog of covers was created: From Blink 182, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Shania Twain, to Bruno Mars, and much more. The band's root of passion for being in a cover band is to provide a high-energy performance reminiscent of their previous original bands while giving the crowd that dose of nostalgia from songs of their past while keeping it fresh and relevant by playing anything in between to modern-day classics.  Show Me Your Hits is the full package and will provide you with the real band feel. Come sing along to songs you know and love, while feeling like you’re seeing your favorite band on tour. See them on stage Saturday, June 10 @ 4 pm. 

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The Fabulous Armadillos came out of their shell in 2006 and have since established a large and loyal following in Minnesota and beyond with their spot on recreations of songs from many genres of music from Country to Motown to Heavy Metal to 70's Soft Rock and play them just like you remember. Close your eyes and you are listening to all those vinyl records again or your AM/FM radio. The idea of the Fabulous Armadillos started with a diverse group of musicians who came together to perform "themed" concerts at the Pioneer Place On Fifth Theater in St. Cloud, MN. Themes like "One Hit Wonders", "Woodstock", "Motown", "Singer/Songwriters", "Stadium Rock" and more. They have now played 100's of themes at that theater as well as many regional venues in the Midwest and even in Mexico! Each show gaining them new fans and enjoying their brand of fun and entertaining, yet musically spot on performances. They have brought hundreds of special guests in for their theme shows comprising of local and national talent. COME OUT OF YOUR SHELL and see what everybody has been talking about! See them on stage Saturday June 10th at 9pm.


Since releasing his debut album, Born For This, Matthew has been busy selling out venues across the nation on his headline ‘Born For This’ Tour, recently making his hometown headline debut in Nashville to a SOLD-OUT crowd of more than 1,600 fans. In 2022 he was signed to Warner Brothers records and in 2023 he made his Grand Ole Opry Debut. 

See him on stage Friday, June 9 @ 9:30 pm. 


Derek Jones is a relentless country-rock outlaw harboring a principled character and deep-rooted respect for people and our nation. After serving in the United States Navy, Jones picked up a guitar and never looked back.

From appearing on The TODAY Show, Pickler & Ben and Good Morning Australia to writing songs for major television outlets including tracks for Sportsman’s Channel’s “Tailgate Adventures” and the theme song for “Fishers ATV World” on the Velocity Channel and NBCsports - Derek Jones has no shortage of drive and determination. In addition to the 4 years spent touring alongside Billy Ray Cyrus, Jones has shared stages with Charlie Daniels, Trace Adkins, Dwight Yoakam, Ashley McBryde, Jamey Johnson, Whiskey Myers, Phil Vassar and more. Most recently, Derek Jones celebrated the 2021 release of his EP Last of a Dying Breed, which debuted at No. 3 on iTunes. Rugged, sincere and hell-bent on reaching new heights, Derek Jones is keeping country music alive. Hitting the stage Saturday, June 10 @ 7 pm. 


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